Ikelite housings for underwater photography

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Advantages of Ikelite housings

The dome ports and flat ports are interchangeable and are adapted to each lens use. Some domes ports have focus control in manual mode.


A large choice in dome port and dome port are available for each utilisation. Adaptation ring are available to have only one dome port for some objectives.



Four locks fitted with a safety , ensure the effective implementation of the dome port on the housing.


A big outdoor wheel allows easy contôler zooming or the focus of the lens. Two lens rings come with DSLR housings .

After removing the dome, an external control button been specially designed to operate the unlocking of the lens, thereby avoiding complete disassembly of the unit.

Access to all functions is by push button on the back and on top of the housing including the REC video. Other rotary dial buttons allow the selection of modes APSM and the ISO mode , size, garbage , etc.
TTL strobe is managed by a module integrated to the back of the box, the power information and disconnection of the lightning flash is transmitted by an electric cable . Only Ikelite strobes are managed by this patented electronic Ikelite .
A support accessory door is located on the top of the housing to allow the attachment of a focus light , Gopro etc ...

Our housings are shipped with DSLR tray with the left and right handle

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